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Reliable Junk Removal and Disposal Bin Rental in Surrey

If you are in need of garbage disposal bins and junk removal in Surrey and Metro Vancouver area, contact Annacis Waste Disposal Corp today! Whether you need asbestos or hazardous wastes to be transported from your property, or need to dispose of general garbage and junk, we have the right-sized bin for you! You don’t have to deal with the pain of disposing the bins at a dump yard. Give us a call, and we’ll send our team to pick it up and drop it off.

Roll-off Waste Disposal Bins

We also offer bin rentals for residential, commercial and industrial clients in Surrey and  Metro Vancouver area. Our roll-off bins are ideally suited for all your waste disposal needs and are available in the following convenient sizes:

  • 40 cubic yard

7.5’ high by 8’ wide by 20’ long

  • 30 cubic yard

6’ high by 8’ wide by 18’ long

  • 20 cubic yard

4’ high by 8’ wide by 18’ long

  • 15 cubic yard

4’ high by 8’ wide by 16’ long

  • 10 cubic yard

2.5’ high by 8’ wide by 18’ long

Efficient Junk Removal Services


Whether you have demolished the previous building or have ongoing construction for a new building on your site, we can provide you with disposal bins to remove all your junk to ensure that your site's cleanliness is maintained.


At Annacis Waste Disposal, we can provide you with efficient junk removal services to clean and sanitize your site of any remnants of harmful construction material such as asbestos. We provide junk removal  services across Surrey and the Metro Vancouver area.


Accumulation and deposit of junk on the worksite can make it difficult for the workmen to work efficiently. It can hamper productivity and slow down the work. It is essential to ensure optimal productivity to thoroughly clean the construction site for any junk or hazardous materials. Contact us to get a quote on our junk removal services in  Surrey. 


Effective Waste Management Tips 


Waste management and disposal is a significant problem around the world. While governments can keep on planning and identifying new ways, the issue won’t resolve until we all take the initiative from our side. Every household needs to have a properly planned junk removal strategy  as it will allow you to play your part in making things better. Here are a few tips that can help you improve the waste management strategy at home: 


Categorize and Segregate Your Waste 

It is essential to categorize the trash and keep them in separate bins. Different types of wastes like chemicals, plastic bottles and organic wastes all should be separated. When you don’t segregate your trash, it becomes tough for the waste management company to dispose of them, resulting in landfills. 

Try to Reduce Non-biodegradable and Recyclable Waste 

One of the best ways you can help the environment is by avoiding non-biodegradable and recyclable wastes. This can reduce the pressure off landfills and waste dumping grounds and positively impact the environment. Switching to a cloth or polymer bag while shopping can be a good start. 

Ask a Professional Waste Disposal Company for Help 

They can offer you different bins for dumping different types of wastes. They will also take it away from your doorstep for safe and efficient disposal. 



Accepted Items

We also provide efficient junk removal, recycling, and disposal services for the below-mentioned list of wastes:

  • Renovation wastes

  • Construction wastes

  • Metal wastes

  • Wood wastes (non-treated)

  • Drywall only (30 cubic yards max)

  • Dirt/rock (12 cubic yards max)

  • Roofing wastes

  • Asphalt/tar and gravel roofing wastes

  • Household garbage

  • Mattresses (applicable surcharge)

  • Concrete wastes

  • Treated/burnt wood wastes (10 cubic yards max)

Non-Accepted Items

We do not accept the below-mentioned list of items at our facility:

  • Paint cans

  • Automotive batteries

  • Oils and chemicals

  • Car frames

  • Asbestos

  • Electronic wastes

  • Vehicle tires

  • Food wastes

  • Treated materials (wood)

  • Contaminated soils

Contact our team today to learn what we can do for you.

Not Sure About a Particular Item?

Our team is ready to assist you! Ask if you aren’t sure about disposing of certain items.

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