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Your One-stop Shop for Waste Disposal in Greater Vancouver

If you are renovating your house or a construction crew working on a new project, we have the right bin for you! Get rid of the clutter, whether you have corrosive waste, flammable waste, compressed gases and aerosols, toxic waste or non-regulated industrial waste, call Annacis Waste Disposal Corp for waste disposal services in Greater Vancouver right away. We supply garbage bins in different sizes to help you get organized. When the bin is full and you are done with your project, we’ll come and pick up the filled bin for safe disposal.

We support asbestos abatement companies – those businesses that contain asbestos and safely remove it. We supply them with disposal bins, transport the asbestos-filled bins to approved sites and properly dispose them. We’re insured and certified to transport other hazardous wastes too.

Waste Professionals You Can Trust

When you need garbage collection or junk removal, get in touch with us! We have the right products and services to clear your spaces. With several years of trash removal experience, we offer competitive prices, quick services, and can help you with:

  • Construction and renovation waste

  • Roofing waste

  • Dirt and concrete bins

  • Asbestos 

  • Hazardous waste 

  • Industrial waste, secure destruction

Give us a call today and learn more about our rates and staff members.

Your Waste Managers

Our bins provide dependable waste management solutions for a variety of materials.

Hazardous Waste Management

We educate and assist our customers about the categories of hazardous waste and how to carefully dispose them of.

How to Pack Asbestos Waste?

Learn the preferred methods of packaging the asbestos waste before a safe disposal.

Bin Rentals

We offer garbage bins for rent that are ideal for all your waste disposal needs.

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