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Hassle-free Garbage Collection and Bin Rentals in Surrey

Don’t let your clutter grow until it becomes unmanageable. Annacis Waste Disposal Corp offers roll-off waste bin rental and garbage collection services in Surrey and the Greater Vancouver area. We provide delivery and ensure quick removal of our bins for regular residential and commercial waste disposal. If you’re cleaning out your garage and need a large bin for your rubbish, we’ll drop one off. After you’ve filled it, we’ll pick up the bin and haul it off for you. Our bin rentals in Surrey are easy and simple to use – perfect for any large renovation or construction project. Contact us for quick and easy bin rentals.

Same-day Service

Whether it’s yard waste or general garbage, regardless of the heap of rubbish you face, Annacis Waste Disposal Corp will take it out of your way promptly and efficiently. Call and ask about our same-day service!


We understand that your home is precious. It is most important to protect your driveway. We can apply protective layers below the bins to ensure that your driveway retains its pristine condition. Our drivers are highly skilled, and they can place the perfect-sized bin safely in the perfect spot for you. We offer a wide range of bins to meet all your requirements ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards, these bins fit comfortably on your driveway or front lawn. Whether it is landscape waste or unwanted stuff at your house, we can help you clear all these out.


From large to small, we have a wide range of bins of various sizes to offer for your commercial projects. We offer fast turnaround times and same-day service for all your debris removal needs. Since 2000, we have been expertly handling large commercial projects. From construction debris, warehouse waste and asbestos abatement, to removing roofing. We have the experience and equipment to get rid of all your waste. We also have experience clearing debris from manufacturing plants. We can supply compactors and recycling services to meet all your requirements.

Why Rent a Bin?

Whether you're undertaking spring cleaning or a major home renovation, renting a bin can come in handy. A properly-sized bin can provide a safe space for your waste so it doesn't pile around your home. There are many advantages of renting dumpsters, such as:

  • Safety: Having waste lying around your yard can lead to slips and falls. Having a dumpster minimizes injuries because it prevents cluttering.

  • Ease of use: With a dumpster, disposal is incredibly easy. All you have to do is place the waste in the bin as you carry on with your work.

  • Environmentally friendly: When you rent a dumpster from us, you can rest assured knowing that we will handle your waste in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Our clients rent bins for various reasons such as:

  • Spring cleaning

  • Remodels and repairs

  • Landscaping projects

  • Construction work

  • DIY home improvements

  • And more

Are you still on the fence about bin rental in Surrey? Please reach out to our team to discuss your concerns. We can also help you manage hazardous waste.


Construction projects have multiple activities happening concurrently. One of the most important activities is the efficient removal of debris from your work site. This will ensure that all the other activities won’t come to a standstill. We offer quick turnaround time for all our construction customers. We also provide same day service.


Next to timely service, one of the most important considerations for roofing projects is ensuring nothing is damaged on site. We supply protective materials under our bins when placing them to ensure no damage to the driveway happens. Our drivers are trained to protect and safely place your bin in the perfect spot. We ensure that all the security protocols are always adhered to.

Disposal Bin Rentals in Surrey

We offer bin rentals for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Area. Our roll-off bins are ideally suited for all your waste disposal needs and are available in the following convenient sizes:

Materials Accepted

We haul away almost anything across our service areas. From household junk removal to office junk removal and general junk removal, you can rely on us for all.

Please call us for additional information on the materials we accept and don’t accept.

Items We Remove

We are a licensed and certified waste removal company that can help remove:

  • Construction site debris

  • Roofing materials like cedar and asphalt shingles 

  • Demolition debris 

  • Renovation wastes 

  • Drywall, wood and tiling 

  • Green waste removal, garden refuse branches, hedge clippings 

  • Asbestos-containing building materials and drywall

  • Recyclable materials – metal, cardboard, plastic

  • Concrete and dirt 

  • Commercial and warehouse waste

  • Secure destruction of expired and obsolete products and inventory

  • Hazardous waste, classification, lab packing, and disposal

Contact our team today to learn more about our bin rentals and other services.


The following are some commonly asked questions about our bin rentals in Surrey:

  • Do You Accept Hazardous Waste?
    Yes. We can dispose of the hazardous waste on your property in a safe manner.
  • How Much Will Waste Management Cost?
    The cost of our waste management solutions will depend entirely on factors such as the volume of the waste and the type of service. Please reach out to us to discuss your needs and to get a quote.
  • Can I Dispose of Asbestos on My Own?
    Absolutely not. Asbestos disposal requires a special licence and can be extremely dangerous. We can dispose of the asbestos on your property in a professional manner.
  • Can I Drop Off Waste?
    Yes, you can drop off waste at your convenience and we will collect and dispose of it for you.

Book a Bin Rental in Surrey 


Whether you are a construction contractor who needs waste management on a site in progress, a homeowner who needs green waste such as dirt, gravel, or other household junk cleaned up, or if you are a business owner looking to dispose of scrap metal, roofing, asbestos or other hazardous waste from your property, we at Annacis Waste Disposal Corp have the ideal bins for your needs. 
The table above shows the list of roll-off bins for rental.  You can choose the right bin which matches your requirements. 
How to book a bin rental: 

  • Contact our team and tell us about your requirements. Give us a description of the types of waste you need to remove. We will advise you on the right bin. 
  • Collect the bin from us at your doorstep and fill it up with all the unwanted material.  
  • Once you load all the waste and debris in the bin, give us a call. We will be there to pick it up and haul away all the waste from your property. 
  • Keep your property and construction site neat, clean and accident-free. Call Annacis Waste Disposal Corp in Surrey today. 

Get a Quote

We aim to help you clear your clutter and debris! Call us today for our waste removal and bin rental service in Surrey!

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